A Bay Hunter in Windsor Great Park



Oil on canvas:

62 x 74.5cm (24 7/16 x 29 5/16in).

Signed: E Bristow (lower right).



With Richard Green Fine Art, London.




Bristow was born in Windsor into an artistic family, and was often to be found painting life and landscapes in nearby Windsor Great Park and the surrounding area, which earned him the nickname “Bristowe of Windsor.” Somewhat reclusive and independently minded, he possessed a true artist’s spirit, and did not always accept commissions, or sell his work. Yet despite his disinclination to business and fame he attracted a distinguished circle of patrons including the Duke of Clarence (later King William IV) and the Princess Elizabeth. Notably, Bristow also gained the friendship and admiration of the young Edwin Landseer who sought him out for advice on painting.

This equine portrait exemplifies Bristow’s sensitivity and instinct for painting animals. Standing proudly in the foreground of Windsor Great Park this extremely attractive bay mare has all the expression and presentation of an intelligent, well-bred and cared for animal. The brushwork that renders the healthy bloom of her coat and the delicate structure beneath is particularly admirable. The mare is beautifully conformed and it is natural to presume the real-life model would have made an excellent field hunter. The artist has animated the composition by balancing the portrait with a group of disporting horses to the left, depicting their comportment with ease owing again to his passion and exemplary interpretation of horses through paint.

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